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Introduction: In the world of fast food giants, Subway is a huge name. It is famously known for the lip-smacking delicious subs and sandwiches it offers the customers. There is another advantage associated with the Subway food chain. The fast food they offer is healthy unlike many of its competitors. To better themselves even further and to take their performance to the next level they are conducting surveys to know your feedback.

About TellSubway survey

This survey seeks to know the shortcomings if any. This is how they intend to better themselves in the business and surpass the competition. The Tell Subway survey is a way of you benefitting alongside the company itself. For every survey form that you will fill up, you will get a coupon code. During your next visit to the restaurant, that code will get you a free cookie. So get along with the process and earn your cookie.

How to participate in TellSubway survey / SubwayListens

You can participate in the survey just by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Make a purchase from any of the subway stores around you and keep the receipt with you.

Step 2: Visit the website and make sure to do so within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Step 3: You have to then enter the restaurant number which you will find at the upper right of the receipt.

Step 4: Honestly answer to the questions to the survey and complete it, which would not take you more than a minute.

Step 5: Once you are done keep the survey code that you got and bring it during your next visit to Subway. This is what will get you a free cookie.

About the company

The Subway is a company that started off small but soon became a huge food chain. Currently, they have around 45000 restaurants in hundred countries worldwide. The sell some of the healthiest fast food and is an easy option to pick for the health conscious. But with greater business comes a bigger responsibility. They now want to know what they could do to better themselves through the reviews of their customers.

Some additional information

One has to be over 18 years of age to take part in this survey. It must also be remembered that the coupon code has to be redeemed within a time period of 30 days after which it expires.

Customer care and contact information

The survey process is fairly simple but yet if you are faced with any kind of problem you can always seek assistance. For this purpose, you can call on the number 18884459239. You can also mail them at for a prompt response from them. A dedicated team is always willing to help you out.


Tell Subway provides for a win-win situation for both you and the company. By just spending one minute of your time you get to have a free cookie after completing the survey. By your valuable insights, the company has a chance for the betterment and further development of their business. So, after a visit to their store, do take the time out to complete the survey process.

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