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Introduction: In the era of grabbing a quick bite to eat, Pizzahut has been doing a great job over the years. Their expansion has been linked to the delicious pizzas that they offer for affordable prices. However no matter how big industry there always is a room for improvement. From the products to the service, everything has a room for improvement.

Thus to get the feedback of the customers is extremely important. Tell Pizzahut is basically the survey that they conduct to learn from their customers in what ways they can better themselves.

About the TellPizzaHut survey

The survey is a simple process which can be accomplished after a visit to a Pizza Hut store. You can then use the survey code or the restaurant number and act within 48 hours to fill up the survey form. As an incentive, you will have the chance of winning a $1000 prize through a sweepstakes draw which you have to enter after filling up the survey form.

There is also the provision for the weekly prizes where three people will get $500. So surely you have nothing to lose but much to gain when it comes to this survey process.

How to participate in the TellPizzaHut survey

You can participate in the survey by simply following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the website of which is the official site to conduct this survey process.

Step 2: Enter the pizza hut survey code in the designated space and in case you do not have one enter the restaurant number. If you have ordered online then it will be in your email.

Step 3: Press enter and then provide them with the date and time of your purchase.

Step 4: Go through the questions and answer them honestly.

Step 5: Lastly leave some personal information like your email ID so that they can get back to you in case you win the draw.

About the company

Pizza Hut is one of the finest providers of Italian cuisine, especially pizza. They have a wide range of menu with various kinds of pizza and due to the fresh and quality ingredients, they come up with some of the best pizza that you may have tasted. They have stores all over the world and have immensely expanded since its formation. Thousands of workers work in these stores and they are known to provide great pizzas in quick time.

Some additional information

If you want to participate in the survey process then you have to be 18 years and above. That is how you can also enroll yourself with the chance of winning the grand prizes.

Customer care and contact information

If you are faced with any problem then feel free to call the helpline number 1-800-948-8488 for any kind of assistance.


Pizzahut has been a reliable institution for quality food. So in case you are in two minds about going ahead with the survey do so for the chances it would provide. Just for a few minutes of your time, you can have the opportunity of winning big through $1000 or $500. Help them better themselves while they help you.

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