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The term Sonic is related to sound or maybe something related to sound waves. Even there is a popular TV series called sonic. But here we are talking about the famous fast food chain i.e. Sonic Corp. or just “Sonic”. The first drive-in restaurant in the US had totally changed then fast food scenario with its innovative presentation.

About the TalktoSonic survey

The survey is conducted by Sonic Corp mostly as a measure for quality control. They have too many restaurants around the country. It is thus important to ensure that all of these joints are functioning under the same level of quality assurance. To bring that to the table they conduct the surveys. Any person who has enjoyed the services of Sonic at any restaurant can get started with their survey.

As long as he is above the age of 18 his opinions are considered to be legitimate. The surveys conducted by are supposed to be genuine so if you are at all taking all the trouble, make sure, to be honest about your opinion towards their food and services.

How to participate in the TalktoSonic survey

  1. First of all, one needs to visit his/her nearest sonic food joint and save the purchase receipt after the meal.
  2. Visit the official website i.e. and enter the survey code on your receipt to start the survey
  3. You can take the survey either in English or Spanish.
  4. Answer all the survey questions and after completion writes down and save the free code.
  5. You can redeem the code for a free soda or iced tea on your next visit within the next 60 days along with the other food.

About the company

Sonic is highly known for its innovative way to serve their customers. First opened in 1953, Today, Sonic has grown to be an extremely busy and successful chain of restaurants, serving over 3 million hungry and happy customers each day. Based in Oklahoma City in the United States ( their current headquarter), currently have 3606 restaurants across 45 different states of USA. Sonic is owned by a multi-brand restaurant company called “Inspire” that owns more than 8300 restaurants including Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Rusty Taco, etc. However, the real name of sonic was “ Top hat”. It nearly took 7 years i.e. in 1959; the owners changed their brand’s name to “Sonic” to portray their USP of serving at a speed of sound.

Some additional information

The most important condition one must remember that sonic have all the right to impose conditions upon this promotional code without prior notice.

To be eligible for this prize, one must be a US resident

You can participate in one survey with one purchase receipt.

You must partake the survey within 14 days after your purchase

Customer care/some other contact information

Headquarter address: Sonic, 300 Johnny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, OK 73104

They can be also contacted by via email form:

Phone number: 1-866-657-6642


The organization is really looking forward to your participation and important feedback. Just give them a little bit of time to help them improve their service.

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