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McDVoice Survey

To improve the services, customer feedback is extremely important for organizations. It helps them get an overview of the improvements that are required of them and helps them to better themselves at the services that they provide. This consumer-producer relationship is the backbone of an improving industry and keeping that in mind and to be acquainted with what the customers are thinking of them almost all major organizations try this procedure of conducting a survey.

Mc Donald is one of the most popular restaurant chains around the world and they too try the same tactic to be aware of their customer needs. After a visit to their stores, you can fill up their online survey form which is the McDVoice survey and let them know about how you liked the food or anything to do with the restaurant. For this, the customer too has the incentive of a free burger in the next visit and thus it is more of an exercise with mutual benefits.

About The McDVoice Survey

The survey is a way for McDonald’s to do a quality check of the services they provide. With rising competition, it is important for any restaurant chain to be always aware of the circumstances so that they can stay ahead in the game. They try to address the negative feedback and get the idea as to how they are performing.

The survey can be completed after a visit to this popular food joint. Mc Donald makes sure that your efforts get rewarded in your very next visit. However, remember that only up to five surveys are allowed per month for each customer.

How To Participate In The McDVoice Survey?

Step 1: You can simply visit the official survey site of McDonald’s.

McDVoice Survey

Step 2: Here you have to enter the survey code in the allocated boxes.

Step 3: After that, press start and your survey will begin. Answer the questions in the survey and provide accurate feedback. Once you answer enough questions, your survey will be done.

Step 3: You will receive a coupon after the completion of the survey. During your next visit to the restaurant chain, you can redeem the coupon and have a free burger as a reward for helping them out. The real opinion of the customers is what makes a major difference and they can promptly look into their shortcomings if any.

About McDonald’s

McDonalds Restaurant

McDonald’s serves as one of the largest food chains all across the globe. In several countries, it dishes out American fast food like burgers and fries at affordable rates. Mc Donald is known for the taste and the quality of its food over the years. What sets them apart the most is possibly the fact that it in literal senses of the term provides fast food.

It just takes them a few minutes to put together your meal and that makes eating a less time-consuming affair. The serving and ingredients ensure that you stay full for a fairly long period of time. All this makes them a massive industry and it now requires valuable customer feedback for further growth and development.

Additional Information About McDVoice Survey

The filling up of the survey form is fairly a simple procedure. You just need to visit the website where you will have language options as well. Once you have picked your desired language the questionnaire will be presented to you. You just need to answer them as per your experience and by the end of the process, you will be gifted a coupon that will allow you a free snack during your next visit.

Remember to have the validation code noted down by the end of the process. To redeem your coupon at the restaurant during your next visit you would be needing it.

The questions are mostly related to the food and the services that are provided. The staff behavior also features among the questions that they have and everything together gives them valuable inputs as to how the business is being run in that particular store.

Customer care

The site can always be visited for filling up the survey questionnaire. In case you are facing any troubles, you can call the toll free helpline number 18002446227 from 7 7 AM to 7 PM.


These customer feedback forms are simple enough for all to fill up. So it is a smart move to do so after a visit to one of these fine restaurants. You can get a free burger during your next visit which has to be 30 days within the filling up of the survey form.

To participate in this mutually beneficial exercise where both of you can benefit from each other. While Mc Donald will be able to better their food and services with your valuable inputs, you will get to see a cheaper bill during your next visit to this place.

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