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When we think of preparing a list of top 10 grocery chains of the United States, one of the first names that come to our mind is “Giant Eagle”. It is the one hot destination that’s where baked goods, frozen and prepared food, liquor, pharmacy and more found in the freshest of forms.

Despite all the name and fame they still feel that to compete with the competition all around they need to have valid customer feedback. This is where the idea of the survey stems from. They want to know from their customers about their last visit and in return, the customer has the chance of winning a prize of $2000or $12000(in total) through a lucky draw. Here you will find all that you need to know about the survey.

About the GiantEagleListens survey

The survey is simply an analysis of the kind of product and service they are providing you with. They want to know the overall customer experience regarding their product quality. You will have to deal with a questionnaire which will have some very basic questions regarding the goods and the staff service that you received at their store. The procedure of the entire survey is very simple and you can very easily get done with the process and give yourself a chance to win huge.  

How to participate in the GiantEagleListens survey

  1. Visit their official website at
  2. Make a purchase and keep the restaurant code and survey code handy
  3. Begin the survey and answer all the questions honestly and don’t forget to provide the time and day of visit and shop number.
  4. Enter your personal details like valid email address, the phone number to take part in the lucky draw so that you stand a chance to win the prize money.

About the company

The founder family of Giant Eagle to the policy sells its products at an affordable price. And even today they are doing business with the same blueprint and as a result, Giant Eagle is so popular in between masses of all level. Founded in 1931 and is based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, They offer bakery products, foods, groceries, meat and poultry, prepared foods, seafood, baby care, household, beauty products, pet care products and much more. And they have over 400 stores altogether and near about 36000 workers are there to provide service.

Some additional information

You can only participate in this survey if you are a citizen of US or Canada. There is a limit of one entry per person regardless of any entry method. You just need to be above 18 for participation in the survey.

Customer care/some other contact information

For many problems that you might have faced, get in touch with their trained professionals either at their office or through their official website at

Phone Number: 1 (800) 553-2324


Go ahead with the survey process as you clearly have nothing to lose from the entire event. Even if you do not win the sweepstakes you would have spent only a few minutes of your time. You will have fun while helping them, so don’t hesitate.

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