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DgCustomerfirst survey (Dollar General) Introduction: If a multi-national company has to flourish in the times of booming competition it has got to be on the top of its game. Besides that, it must be open to all kinds of changes and must be always ready to implement any if need be. Dollar General is no exception to this tradition and being such a giant corporate company it pays all due respect to its customers. This is where the survey becomes important because without it the understanding of the customer’s wants would be left incomplete.

So it has a system of Dgcustomerfirst survey whereafter purchase the customer can submit a feedback form and receive certain perks for it. Clearly, they have laid out the platform by creating and facilitating a win-win situation here as the customer has much to gain and the company too can introduce a lot of changes as per the demands.

About DGcustomerfirst – Dollar General Survey

The survey is a simple process where you will have to answer some very basic questions pertaining to the products that you had gotten hold of. You just need to be above 18 years of age and a citizen of the USA to take part in the survey apart from having visited the store at least once and made a purchase with a proper receipt. They take their customer response very seriously with much respect and over the time that even brought about a change in the restaurant menu.

How to participate in the DGCustomerfirst survey?

The participation process in this survey is a simple one and all you need is a smartphone or a laptop and you can complete the survey properly.

Step 1: Go to their official website www.dgcustomerfirst.com where the survey is conducted and enter the time and the store number from where you had made the purchase.


Step 2: There is a 7 digit or a 15 digit survey code mentioned in the receipt and you then need to input this survey code as well.

Step 3: Select the language in which you are comfortable answering the questions or even reading the questions.

Step 4: Answer all the questions with genuine responses minus any kind of bias and complete the entire process by answering all the questions asked.

Step 5: Take down the coupon code or any code that is provided to you for the future benefits for taking the trouble of going through the entire survey process.

About the company

Dollar General is an American chain of Variety stores which was opened way back in 1939. Overall these years it has become tremendously successful with revenue now of 20.349 billion dollars. They have also extended their services to various other countries and have some 14000 locations around the world where they have managed to extend their services. They sell it all from clothing to cleaning materials and home décor. They even have in the list of their products some of the finest health and beauty products, toys and pet supplies and even seasonal stuff and groceries. With so many products and such a broad-based business, the customer feedback is of paramount importance and they take their jobs very seriously in this regard. If you sincerely fill up the survey forms you can be sure to be rewarded adequately for the same.

Some additional information

Almost all the surveys that are conducted by such organizations have some interesting perks and benefits for the customers. Dollar General surveys are no exception and you can have a coupon prize of $3 off from $15 coupon. There is also the opportunity of a sweepstakes prize on offer for $100 gift card. If you are lucky enough you can even win the grand $1000 cash prize through a lucky draw conducted every month. Make the most of these opportunities and do not forget to enter yourself for the lucky draw for the special prize.

Customer Care and other contact information

If they are serious enough with their survey process it just goes on to show that they care about the products and customer satisfaction. Naturally, they have a system of holistic customer support and contact process for any needs that might arise. Their website which is the www.dollargeneral.com is always accessible and you can even conduct your survey from here only. Feel free to contact and convey your grievances if any during your shopping experience with Dollar General.


So with all this available information, we suggest you go and take the survey after you have made the purchase from their stores. It would come in handy during your next visit and you can even be the lucky one to win the $1000 in cash. Work together in this symbiotic relationship benefiting each other and come out winners from this fine deal.

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