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Introduction: In the times of busy schedules, shopping is tricky business. We are always looking for a way to have a quick way out for shopping. That means bringing all our daily needs under one roof and that has precisely been the job Walmart has been doing. That has seen its rise in popularity over the years and establishes the franchise in many countries and parts of the USA over the years. But even such a giant organization needs to look for ways to better itself to compete with the competition that is all around. For that, the Walmart survey is their tool and they use it for the customers’ valuable feedback.

About Walmart survey

The survey is a very simple process that will take not more than ten minutes of your time. You just need to honestly respond to their questions and you can stand a chance to win a prize of one of five $1000 or one out of 750 $100 Walmart shopping cards once in every three months. This truly as an offer you cannot reject and there is much to be won by a simple survey.

How to participate in the Walmart survey

These simple steps will enable you to take part in the survey:

Step 1: You have to make a purchase from any of the Walmart stores.

Step 2: Keep the store number or the survey code handy and use it before entering the survey.

Step 3: Reach out to the website This is where you will input your code and get the process started.

Step 4: Answer all the questions that are given in the survey and enroll yourself for the lucky draw to win the prizes.

Step 5: Your survey is complete. Now if you win something Walmart will get back to you via email or via a phone call.

About the company

Walmart is one of the giants in the world of departmental stores. They have tie-ups with a lot of reputed companies and source the best and freshest of products. The price on offer is also affordable for the general middle class and that is another reason behind their massive popularity. Today it is one of the best and most relied upon shopping destination in the US.

Some additional information

No working employee of Walmart can take part in this survey. Neither can anyone from their immediate family. This also extends to all the advertising and business partners directly linked with Walmart. This is done to ensure that the process remains unbiased.

Customer care and contact information

There might be some issues that you might face and you might need assistance from the experts. For that, you can mail Walmart at the provided email address and they would get back to you with assistance.


It is basically just ten minutes of the survey. But with this minimal effort, you stand a chance to win all the grand prizes mentioned above. So do these little bits for Walmart and they will repay your efforts back in time. You have nothing really to lose but quite a lot to gain.

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