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UPSers Login Guide Introduction: In the United States, employees need special training in order to handle and package material which is labeled hazardous. Potential employees who want to work with packaging all forms of material needs to have this training to be a licensed person in the field. This includes learning about different types of material, their functioning, understanding about the safety and security of all types of material.

According to the rules of the United States of America, an employee should essentially receive the training within 90 days of accepting employment. Moreover, an employee also needs to get this same training every three years to continue working in the system with a license to handle goods. UPS is known to have the best employees and the best training services in the field. They are responsible for just the packing part and do not take up the responsibility of making sure if the shipping company also follows these protocols.

About the Login Guide

To make sure the employees can take up the training and become licensed handlers of packages, UPS provides all its employees with the training. The employee details are usually kept on an online server along with the work details and the training status. This portal is open for both employees who are registered and also who are looking to register and then receive the training.

Steps to register for the UPSers employee accounts

Step 1: Use a working laptop with a working internet connection to access the official website for registering UPS Employee portal.

Step 2: on reaching the official website, there is an option of registering new employees. Select that option

Step 3: in this page, potential employees have to put in their name and email id and other details for the system to register.

Step 4: After adding personal details, one needs to input their User ID which has been provided by the company to them (very important).  

Step 5: After setting up the User ID, one needs to set up the password for accessing and securing their account.


Steps to access UPSers Employee Account

Step 1: Use a working laptop with a working internet connection to access the official website for registering UPS Employee portal.

Step 2: on reaching the official website, there is an option for logging into the employee account.

Step 3: Employee account can be logged on to only by employees who have already registered their account. Registered users simply need to enter their working email ID or User ID and validate it with their password.

Step 4: after entering the details, one can simply click on Log into log in their account.

About the Company

UPS or the United Parcel Service is a company based out of the United States of America who mainly handles all types of national and international parcel packaging service for the country. The company was established back in 1907 by James Casey. The company majorly started as state level and national level parcel packaging and delivery system which was at that time done on foot. With time, they picked up their own delivery trucks which made the package delivery system much faster.

At the present scenario, UPS is one of the largest employers of packaging and parceling. Their Supply |Chain Management system is recognized not only in the country but all across the world. They have their main headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia. From this facility, they control the entire packaging and delivery system nationally and globally. With UPS packaging services, one can always be sure of having the best in the business working for them.

Some additional information

UPSers are some of the most dedicated and loyal employees of the company. They take their work very seriously and diligently make it a point to handle each and every package with maximum care. All their employees are registered and receive training as per the norms set by the government. Moreover, the company makes it a point to keep their employees up to date regarding the training and ensure proper documentation of the same.

Customer care and other information

In case customers or employees have any problem, they can easily enter the website and receive contact details for the company. One can also contact the customer centre by dialing 1-888-742-5877 if they are from within the national boundaries. For international clients, they have to dial 1-866-782-7892. They also have a set of virtual helpers who are available to chat on the official website at all times.


UPS is one of the top packaging companies in the United States of America. Moreover, their online customer service system has a number of videos which make it easier for both clients and employees to understand the system in which the company works. Their dedication and perseverance have made them successful in the business.

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