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Introduction: As a massive organization, the USPS is a postal service which caters to millions of customers on a daily basis. Since so much is the share of their responsibility, it is also a given that they will need to get feedback as to the kind of work that they are doing. The success or failure of an organization is after all determined by the kind of reviews they get and so we now see a trend where more and more such organizations try their hand at collecting the public feedback.

USPS is no exception and they too have a system of conducting a survey where their customers can narrate to them in precise words as to how they are performing. They consider this to be a key to their performance and take the feedback very seriously and religiously. So if you have availed of their services they would greatly appreciate if you do take the time out to be a part of their survey and tell them how good a work they are doing. The more genuine your feedback is the better it is for them to overcome their shortcomings.

About USPS Postal Experience

The survey is a very simple process that you can go through. It will have a set of questionnaire which will be mostly pertaining to the kind of service that they provide. It will get to know in detail exactly how satisfied you are with their entire system and their staff and also the end results of your transaction.

How to participate in the USPS Postal Experience survey

The participation process in the survey has been kept very simple to ensure maximum participation from the customers. Only with a basic internet connection and a smartphone or a computer, you can successfully complete the entire survey process. Go through with the following steps for successful completion.

Step 1: Open their official website from the web browser of your device. This is where the process begins.

Step 2: Select the language in which you are comfortable in conducting the entire survey process. This will make your job even easier.

Step 3: Read all the information that is provided and click on the next button.

Step 4: Enter carefully the zip code.

Step 5: Select the location of the store and also the date when you visited.

Step 6: Go through the questionnaire and provide answers accordingly until you eventually finish the entire survey.

About the company

USPS is one of the largest postal services in the United States of America. Their fine services ensure that millions of customers can send and receive mail and other stuff through their efforts. Their reputation has grown over the years mainly for the flawless service that they have dished out. It is a reliable company and for many who are looking to get their things or mail delivered USPS is the go-to option.

Some additional information

With all these steps you can easily fill up your feedback and answer their questions in the survey. It, however, needs to be noted here that some conditions are there for you to complete their survey. You cannot be an employee of USPS as that would bring a chance of bias in the survey which they dearly want to avoid. You can also not be a part of their immediate family for the same reason. You also must be above the age of 18 and be a resident of the United States. Lastly, you must have made one purchase from the local office of USPS. As long as these conditions are met you can easily go through with the entire survey process.

Customer care and other contact information

It is easy to contact the USPS authorities. They tend to any grievances and problems that you might have faced in the course of the survey. In such cases just reach out to them via call or email through their official website. There are also many FAQs available to make your search for the answers a lot easier. SO feel free to connect with them for any assistance that you might feel is necessary.


If you have read this article so far you surely have a fair idea as to how to go about the task of conducting a survey. It does not take much time and within a few minutes, you can make a valuable contribution to the betterment of this company. It will eventually help them serve better to their other customers and the next time you avail of their services you can actually observe the differences for yourself. So go ahead and visit their official website and let them know exactly how good a job they are doing. There are few things more mutually beneficial than this act of yours to complete the survey process.

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