NJMCDirect Payment – Guide To Pay Your Traffic Tickets Online

NJMCdirect Ticket Payment

You might be a law-abiding citizen but we all end up intentionally or unintentionally with a traffic violation every now and then. Sometimes it is about being in a hurry and at other times it simply is about not being attentive enough. However, there is no cheating the law and we need to deal with traffic tickets for this purpose. The pain of having to go to a courtroom and pay the fine for your traffic violation is excruciating.

On the other hand, if you delay your payment then you face further fines and you must be ready for the very tiring journey after the traffic ticket has been issued to you. There is some good news for the residents of New Jersey in this regard. With the development, of a new app, the citizens can go for digital payment of their fines and no longer do they have to bear with the trouble of being physically present at the courts.

About the NJMCdirect payment


The specific purpose of the payment guide was to rid the public of their daily troubles. It is harassment indeed to have to go all the way to the court just to pay a paltry traffic fine amount. So the app was developed and it has helped the people and the authorities at the same time. It is great for the people as their payment process has been made a lot easier. For the authorities too, the process is better as they can get the fine amount directly in their accounts and it also helps them collect the traffic fines much quicker without any trouble.

We are living in a world of digitization. Gone are the days of liquid money transactions and everything today is about digital convenience of payments. In such circumstances, we are always on the lookout for a potentially capable and safe online payment option. There are plenty of online payment institutions but not all of them are trustworthy and with all the fraudulent activities that are going on around us you surely want to be absolutely sure about the payment option you are using. EpayItonline is one of the finest payment options that you will find around you and also one of the safest and most reliable. This can be your new payment partner making your task a lot easier and convenient.

How to complete the payment process?

The process of making this payment is extremely simple and just by following these steps you will be done with the entire procedure.

Step 1: You will need to have the following things with you. Firstly you must have the traffic ticket that was issued to you at the time you violated the traffic law by the traffic attendant. From here you will be needing three things which are the Court ID, Ticket number and the type of violation that you made. These will be needed at the time of making the payment.

Step 2: Besides the items mentioned in step 1 you will also need the license plate number and a credit card or debit card. Lastly, you must have decent internet connectivity for the entire procedure.

Step 3: Visit the official website

NJMCdirect Ticket Payment

Step 4: Once you have reached the official website click on continue and find the traffic ticket that you are responsible for.

Step 5: Enter all the information that is necessary and then press the continue button yet again. You will then be guided through the NJMC Direct Payment process.

Step 6: Make the payment for your fine and the process is all complete.

Contact information

If you are facing any kind of trouble, there always are helplines to get through directly to the concerned authorities with your grievances. So with any issue that you might face simply dial the number 9732844945 or Fax at 9732844914. The times to call in are from 7:30 AM in the morning to 10:45 PM at night and this time are constant from Monday to Saturday. If you are calling in on a Saturday however make sure that you call between 1 PM and 11:45 PM. Feel free to contact for any problems and you are assured of complete help wherever required.


NJMC direct payment guide is an absolute boon for the people of New Jersey. Just by following these simple steps you can actually accomplish the complicated procedure of paying your traffic fines. The world is going digital with payments and it is time that you followed suit as well. Follow the instructions that we narrated to you in the course of this article and you will easily be able to complete your entire payment process. Try obeying traffic laws at all times but just in case you do break one, pay the fines with this app and get done with it.

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