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MetroPCS Bill Payment Guide Introduction: Bill payment is one of the most important and complicated jobs if you don’t know how. Telecom companies have provided their customers with the best of services but they require monthly or quarterly bill payment to continue providing the services they provide their customers. Even though most telecom companies send reminders every month, at times it is hard to remember and pay in time.

On the other hand, if bills are not paid in time, the company offers some penalties which at times pose as quite a problem for the user. With new age telecom companies, one does not have to go to banks or centers to pay their bills. Most telecom companies allow their customers to transfer their money online through special portals in their official websites. MetroPCS Communications, being one of the largest telecom service providers in the US give their customers similar services of bill payment.

About the MetroPcs Payment Guide

Making a payment for MetroPCS is quite easy. The consumers can easily navigate their way through the official website while following a few steps to easily pay the bill. Customers can choose to pay in two ways.

  1. A customer can simply go to the website and enter their phone number and pay the bill that shows.
  2. Customers can log in to their account using their phone number and security pin for their account and pay while staying in their account.

One can also choose to pay as much amount as they want. In cases where the balance is carried forward, there is a certain level of interest which needs to be given. On the other hand, a customer can also choose to pay extra and keep their account covered for over a month.

Steps to follow for payment of MetroPCS number

Step 1: Open the MetroPCS official website by following the link There one will find the Payment link which is at the main menu placed at the top of the home page.

Step 2: On clicking the payment link, customers are redirected to the payment page where they get the option to log in and pay or pay without logging in.

Step 3:

  1. On opting for paying without logging in, one simply has to enter their number and confirm it. Then they can then simply enter the amount they want to pay and then click on the payment option.
  2. On opting for log in payment, the customer is first redirected to the page where they need to enter their number and security PIN. On logging in successfully, the customer is redirected to the payment page where they again need to enter the amount and select pay.

Step 4: Customers are redirected to the next page where they are asked to provide their debit or credit card details to ensure payment. On confirming the payment details, the transaction is over.

After the transaction is done, the company send a confirmation mail as well as a message on the registered phone number to confirm the success of the transaction. One can directly reach the payment page by following the link

metropcs payment

About the Company

MetroPCS or as it was commonly known as simply Metro, is one of the top telecom service providers in the United States of America. They operate ar a prepaid level and have a number of attractive offers for their customers. Moreover, with their special plans, one can also opt for multiple connections for employees with special packages and discounts.

In recent times, they have had a merger with T-mobiles, changing their former CDMA connection model to the new age LTE connection. After the merger, there has been a certain change in the brand name where the company brand has changed from MetroPCS to Metro. On the other hand, even with this change, the company works with the same dedication of providing the best of services to its customers’ at the most affordable prices.

Some additional information

Customers can pay for their own numbers or any other number they wish to pay for using the payment without logging in option. In such cases, they simply have to enter the other number, confirm it and move ahead to pay as per the normal method.

Customer care and other information

In case customers have any problem, they can easily connect with the customer service of the company by dialing 888-863-8768 or one can also dial *611 from their metro phone number. Moreover, one can visit the site and know about the nearest store in the area.


With MetroPCS, customers can easily pay through online portals and do not have to stand in line anymore. With their safe and secure payment system, one can be assured about the safety of their payment details. Moreover, customers can also get crucial information about their payment by dialing the customer service center at any time.


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