Home Depot Survey at www.Homedepot.com/Surey– Win a $5000

Home Depot Survey Introduction: When thousands of customers are stake and a manufacturer has multiple numbers of products and services on offer, running the business is no piece of cake. At every instance, there are some changes in the setup that need to be introduced and that is only possible when the customer feedback is well received. That is precisely what the big corporations today are trying to do by conducting surveys for their customers. This way, their shortcomings are highlighted without any extra cost for the self-introspection or appointment of people to look into it.

This also proves to be an opportunity to get the opinions of the customers who are involved in the entire process. Home Depot is no exception and they too are sellers of too many products in their massive stores. So they also need the valuable feedback from the customers pertaining to their purchase experience and that is what the foundation of the years of success for this very reputed business organization. Join in and help their cause and you might just get lucky and win the bounty that is on offer.

About the Home Depot survey

The survey looks to check the quality of the staff and the services that are being offered. It helps a great deal in the fixation process and any problem that is brought to the notice of the authorities are immediately dealt with. This way the entire event is beneficial for the two sides. The corporation gains due to the self-analysis that they receive and the customer gain as well due to the incentives that are on offer.

How to participate in the Home Depot survey

The participation process is fairly simple and all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Make a purchase at one of the Home Depot stores and save the receipt for the purpose of submitting the survey.

Step 2: join the official website which is the www.Homedepot.com.

Step 3: Answer all the survey questions to the most genuine of your knowledge and soon you can automatically get participated in the draw which can make you win $5000.

Step 4: Make sure that you are above the age of 18 and also that you are a citizen of the United States. Do remember that only 45 entries per person are allowed at one particular point of time. Follow these and filling up the form would prove to be extremely easy.

About the company

Home Depot is one of the largest stores where one can find pretty much everything. The idea behind the organization is to not only sell products but also cater to the larger goal of looking after the needs of the customer and identifying what they actually need in many cases. One of the special things about the company is that it is pet-friendly and dogs around the stores are an added incentive for many pet lovers to visit even when they are not even buying anything. Currently, they have grown immensely as a company and have over 2200 stores that span across three countries. The quality of the service or that of the products that they offer have not gone down over the years and it is one of the best things about them.

Some additional information

You can even enter the survey without a viable purchase and receipt which is a unique feature in itself uncommon to most others. For this, all you need to do is enter via mail in. You then need to write your last name and first name and email id and phone number on a card and also specify if you happen to be a professional or a consumer. Mail this card to the given address on the official website and have a chance to fulfill the survey process.

Customer care and other contact information

They are always looking to sort out the problems for you so in a situation where you are faced with one promptly seek their assistance without hesitation. 18004303376 is their customer care number which is open for any kind of help that you might need. You can also visit their official website which is the www.Homedepot.com. You even have the option of dropping them a mail at the email address customercare@homedepot.com.


This is how you can be a part of the survey and these above-mentioned prizes are what you can get for yourself. Surely overall it proves to be a lucrative offer to reject. The customer here has nothing to lose whatsoever but does have much to gain. So be a responsible customer and after a transaction with the organization to take the trouble of visiting their website and filling out the survey form for them. Home Depot looks to develop itself further when it comes to serving their customers and you can help them out in the process and receive your prize as well for that help.

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