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It is an endeavor taken by Ford motor. Corp to design the retirement and assurance plans for their employees. From its inception, Ford motors have shown a benevolent approach towards their direct and indirect employees. Venturing with FMC dealer is also an initiative of that sort.

About the website

FMC Direct login is a company’s, Private System where the employees can create a user id and further proceed to know about the company’s future plans regarding them. It is Official and legal Login Portal for Ford Employees. The required website is  where the users need to visit for creating the account. Actually, Ford Motor Corp has started monitoring the performance of its employees and wants to design their retirement and assurance plans according to their performance. Ford motors will be updating the performance of each of the staff. So make yourself updated, ford employees should visit this website and follow the given steps discussed below.

How to login to the FMCDealer website

1: You need a laptop or a desktop along with a good internet connection.

2:  Now you should visit the official website i.e.

3:   You should go through the homepage of the website in a detailed manner, and read the guidelines of FMC dealer.

4: Now comes the main part,   where you need to give your personal details, along with your valid FMC dealer user ID (which you already have received from Ford Motor .Corp)

5:   after that, one needs to enter the valid password (already received from Ford Motors). If the password is wrongly entered, it will generate an alert in the system.

6:  Now after entering the valid user ID and password, the system will validate the details and then give them access to taking benefits of

How to reset Stars FMC Dealer Password

The following steps are for those, who cannot recall their password during the time of login

1: One needs to visit or to recover the password.

2: while going through the home page, you will find an option “FORGET PASSWORD”. Just click on it and you will be redirected to forget password page.

3:  By following steps afterward, you will be able to generate new password successfully.

4: now again enter the user Id provided by the HR team of Ford company.

5: Finally you need to answer some questions (for security reasons) to check that you are a human being or a robot.

About the company

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903. It has its main headquarter in Dearborn, Michigan.  Ford Motor Corp has given its main focus on making SUV’S from its initial days and has now turned themselves into one of the leading manufacturers of SUV in the world. They also produce cars of luxury range under the brand Lincoln.

Some additional information

One thing to remember that all the facts that are discussed above, are only for the employees of Ford Motor Corp. Only employees are eligible to create an account on the website.

Customer care/some other contact information

Customer service: 1-(800) 392-3673

Roadside assistance: 1-(800) 241-3673

Ford motors are also available in all the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.


Through FMC Dealer Direct website employees can update themselves about retirement & assurance Plan etc. and can plan their future accordingly.  So without wasting much time he/she should visit the website soon.

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